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About Us

Ajman International Education & Training Exhibition 2021 ( AETEX ) comes in its new Virtual Edition to emphasize its importance and role it plays as a platform linking higher education institutions from inside and outside the country with students, parents and those interested in completing their studies, so that the exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the available programs and specializations, admission mechanisms, educational fees, scholarships, and others.

The exhibition enhances its local and International position through 8 editions in terms of organization and participation, and contributes to highlighting the most prominent specializations available and closely related to the requirements of the Job Sector.

The Ajman International Education and Training Exhibition ( AETEX ) embodies the continuous development and growth in the educational sector. The successive developments of the exhibition in eight editions demonstrate the importance of investing in the human element and the role of educational institutions in promoting the environment of creativity, innovation and scientific research.

The exhibition provides fertile ground for the exchange of experiences and partnerships between the participating institutions by reviewing the latest educational tools and means and modern specializations that keep pace with the requirements of the Job Sector, and a platform for direct communication with students, parents and those interested in completing their higher studies.

The exhibition’s virtual edition 2021 is a message of affirmation of the exhibition’s sustainability and importance as one of the leading educational exhibitions in the UAE and the region.



In view of the increasing number of educational exhibitions worldwide, universities and educational institutions started focusing on selecting the most suitable locations that can attract the targeted student audience who will benefit from their physical presence, as it is well known now that the success of any event is not measured by the number of visitors but in terms of the quality of these visitors and the achieved goals and targets set by the educational institutions

Ajman is characterized by its strategic geographical location among other emirates and sought to become the main emirate that creates an environment which is conducive for expats to live together with locals. This is attributed to the facilities it has and the reasonable costs of living compared to other places beside the earnest and continuous efforts made by the government of Ajman to improve and develop the emirate’s infrastructure.

The different nationalities living in Ajman give it the special identity which was reflected on the exhibitions and events organized there in terms of the various nationalities of visitors and their different cultural backgrounds.



AETEX is not just an exhibition where exhibitors demonstrate their products and services. It’s a learning opportunity, a knowledge factory and a tool to enable students to make the right decision about their academic and professional future.

The exhibition was inaugurated by HH.Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuami, Member of the supreme council and the Ruler of Ajman and Sheikh Ammar Al Nuaimi. The visits of the members of the private universities league in GCC countries and other officials showed the extent of support and the interest in AETEX as an essential step towards developing the educational system in Ajman and other emirates.

HH.Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuami, Member of the supreme council and the Ruler of Ajman has emphasized the importance of AETEX role in bringing the latest developments in the field of higher education and he underscored its positive impact on the universities, Emirates of Ajman and UAE as such event is meant to be the main platform for developing the educational system and a proper place where the citizens and expats in Ajman and other emirates can find the best educational institutions which meet their higher education and training needs.

The media campaign associated with the exhibition in addition to the quality of visitors encouraged a lot of universities from outside Ajman to participate in the forthcoming exhibition in 2018.This has led Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry  to render more support to the event with the aim of attracting the most prominent universities in the Middle East and other countries to exhibit their   relevant academic programs and  best educational offers and  meet and interact with students from Ajman and other emirates before their final high school exams.

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